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Facebook Makes Privacy Policy Readable

How many of us have actually read the privacy policy on Facebook? Or in any other website? I know I would barely see anyone raising their hands to that question. Today, Facebook has rolled out a new layout for its privacy policy – having the policy written in a language understandable to normal human beings like you and me.

However, none of the policies have changed. The policies have just been rewritten in a more understandable way and organised to make it easier for its users to read on how their Facebook information is actually being used. This policy is still just a draft and it’s official policy is still available for view (although, I’m not sure if you will want to).

Here is how the old Privacy Policy page looks like:

old privacy policy

old privacy policy

and this is how the new one looks like:

new privacy policy

new privacy policy

Tell us what you think about it. Will this make you actually read the privacy policy on Facebook?


iPad 2 to be release on March 2

iPadThe event that we have all been waiting for is now OFFICIAL. Apple has called for a press conference on the 2nd of March for the release of its second version of the ever popular iPad tablet – the iPad 2.

This event which has been rumored by many tech pundits out there was confirmed when Apple issued an invitation to members of the press.

There has been so many rumors surrounding the production of the iPad 2. The most common (and also the most likely) was the front and back facing camera.

The second most common rumor is that the iPad 2 would be slimmer and lighter. It is also said to have a better resolution that the first iPad.

The iPad 2 is also rumored to have a better sound system. It has been said that it would have a wide-range speaker for better speaker capabilities. This can be agreed considering the fact that the iPad is used to watch movies amongst a group of people instead of just an individual.

I have also been hearing a lot of the iPad 2 having a USB port. This would be useful to connect the iPad with other devices like computers and printers.

And we have all heard about the iPad 2 having a Dual Core CPU. This should give the iPad 2 far better multitasking capabilities compared to its previous devices.

So that was a list of rumors that I’ve been hearing regarding the iPad 2, now I shall give you a list of features I have expecting from Apple to include in the iPad 2.

  • A screen that smudges less. It would be great if this happens considering the heavy usage of the iPad by someone. You don’t want to keep cleaning the screen.
  • More variations of the Ipad 2. Maybe it’s time for Apple to come out of its traditional white surface and create a few colours of the iPad 2. Honestly, I don’t want to be using the same device as everyone else.
  • A faster International Release. Living in one of those contries that usually gets product many months later, I hope Apple has learnt from what happened when it first release the iPad and be ready for a huge demand in America and outside of America.

That’s my list, now I would like to here yours. What do you want from the iPad 2?? Tell us via our comment page below, we would love to hear from our readers.

Google Person Finder Helps Victims of NZ Earthquake

Google has launched a Person Finder to help victims of the Christchurch earthquake at New Zealand to reconnect with missing family and friends.

This great initiative by Google allows users to search for loved ones in a user database by entering their name. If no match is found, they can leave a message for them which would be delivered when they are found. Users can also leave information about themselves or others together with messages for their loved ones to find them.

Person Finder

This is indeed great stuff by Google who do show their interest in current happenings around the globe. May the victims of the New Zealand earthquake be safe.

Playable Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds – the mobile game from Rovio that took the world by storm – has something new to add to its lists of creative innovations. We found a video of an Angry Birds cake via Electricpig’s YouTube channel.

The cake was made with great detail, and looks like an exact replica of a level of the Angry Birds game. It also had a working catapult and the birds and pigs were made out of icing.

This cake was created by Mike Cooper, who did it for his son’s sixth birthday who has a huge love for the Angry Birds game. It took him 10 hours to make the cake. Mike has also posted the recipe for his wonderful masterpiece.

Chrome App Review: Divvr

For a start, this shall be a new section of Six Eleven. I shall be doing reviews for applications and most probably a lot of reviews of apps available in the Chrome Web Store.

This is one app I downloaded to give it a try – Divvr.

Divvr is a drawing application that is build using HTML5 by 7touch Group. It has most features needed for a drawing application including a couple of preset brush types. You can also import images from your computer and export the image you have created with Divvr in .PNG format. Divvr also gives you the ability to insert text with a couple of nice fonts.

Divvr starts up giving you a black background with a view as shown above. The tools bar can be moved around the page as well as minimized to just the logo.  It is easy to use with simple buttons that do not require much expertise or knowledge but merely just a whole chunk of creativity.

Well, this app certainly gets a thumbs up from me. Although I am hoping that the guys at 7touchgroup will create more updates for Divvr. There are a few things that has to be done – like allowing users to Undo more than one time. More brush styles and fonts. And maybe and eraser option.

Anyways, this was some of the images I manage to do while trying out the features of this app.

This app from now on is certainly going to get much of my attention. You don’t only get to create nice stuff there, it’s also much of a stress reliever. I shout out to you guys to go give this application a try and tell me what you think of it. Till then, kudos to the guys at 7touch.

Google Docs Viewer now handles more file types

Great news everyone, Google Docs Viewer now allows you to view 12 more file types.

Before this Google Docs Viewer only views PDF files and Microsoft Word and Microsoft Power Point files. Google announced today via their Google Docs Blog that users are now able to view 12 more types on Google Docs Viewer:

Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX)

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 (.PPTX)

Apple Pages (.PAGES)

Adobe Illustrator (.AI)

Adobe Photoshop (.PSD)

Autodesk AutoCad (.DXF)

Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)

PostScript (.EPS, .PS)

TrueType (.TTF)

XML Paper Specification (.XPS)

When this file types are attached in GMail, a “View” button would appear at the side that view the document/file on Google Docs Viewer.  But do note, you still need to use the original softwares of this file types to create them, you can’t create this files on Google Docs.

This is certainly a much needed upgrade by Google to make users buy the Chrome Notebook and Chrome OS that should be releasing later this year.

Do give us your comments on your view of this upgrade.

Twitter suspends UberTwitter

Twitter has suspended UberMedia’s UberTwitter and Twidroyd for violating its privacy and monetization violations and trademark infringement. UberMedia has been building an army of third-party Twitter applications that compete directly with Twitter’s web and mobile applications.

Here is a statement released by Twitter:

Regardless of how you access Twitter, we are dedicated to making Twitter better, faster and more reliable for you. As part of this effort, we ask applications that work with Twitter to abide by a simple set of rules that we believe are in the interests of our users, and the health and vitality of the Twitter platform as a whole. We often take actions to enforce these rules.

We have suspended UberTwitter and twidroyd for violating our policies.

Every day, we suspend hundreds of applications that are in violation of our policies. Generally, these apps are used by a small number of users. We are taking the unusual step of sharing this with you because today’s suspension may affect a larger number of users.

It is still unclear to many on which policies were violated by UberMedia. The trademark infringement most probably refers to the use of the words “Twitter” and “Tweet” in third-party application names which is certainly against Twitter’s policies.

UberMedia however have secured a new name for its app – UberSocial. UberMedia’s CEO, Bill Gross addressed the name change in this statement.

Early Friday morning, Twitter shut off access to its service by several of our Twitter client applications: UberTwitter, Twidroyd, and UberCurrent. Twitter then notified us that they believed we were in violation of several provisions of their terms of service.
We were immediately in touch with Twitter, and the changes they asked us to make were very small. As a result, we have completed the changes, and new apps are currently being posted to their respective stores. Twitter has assured us that as soon as those changes were complete, they would reactivate our applications.

Twitter also asked us to modify the name of UberTwitter. We began a process of changing the name three weeks ago by polling our users, and we’ve decided based on their input to change the product name to UberSocial, which we completed today.

To our millions of loyal users, we appreciate your patience during this temporary period. We look forward to continuing our innovations on the Twitter platform.

UberMedia also tweeted on the issue to all its users.


At the moment, all UberTwitter users are waiting anxiously for the release of UberSocial while Twitter has certainly showed the world that it is serious about its policies.