Chrome App Review: Divvr

For a start, this shall be a new section of Six Eleven. I shall be doing reviews for applications and most probably a lot of reviews of apps available in the Chrome Web Store.

This is one app I downloaded to give it a try – Divvr.

Divvr is a drawing application that is build using HTML5 by 7touch Group. It has most features needed for a drawing application including a couple of preset brush types. You can also import images from your computer and export the image you have created with Divvr in .PNG format. Divvr also gives you the ability to insert text with a couple of nice fonts.

Divvr starts up giving you a black background with a view as shown above. The tools bar can be moved around the page as well as minimized to just the logo.  It is easy to use with simple buttons that do not require much expertise or knowledge but merely just a whole chunk of creativity.

Well, this app certainly gets a thumbs up from me. Although I am hoping that the guys at 7touchgroup will create more updates for Divvr. There are a few things that has to be done – like allowing users to Undo more than one time. More brush styles and fonts. And maybe and eraser option.

Anyways, this was some of the images I manage to do while trying out the features of this app.

This app from now on is certainly going to get much of my attention. You don’t only get to create nice stuff there, it’s also much of a stress reliever. I shout out to you guys to go give this application a try and tell me what you think of it. Till then, kudos to the guys at 7touch.


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