Facebook Makes Privacy Policy Readable

How many of us have actually read the privacy policy on Facebook? Or in any other website? I know I would barely see anyone raising their hands to that question. Today, Facebook has rolled out a new layout for its privacy policy – having the policy written in a language understandable to normal human beings like you and me.

However, none of the policies have changed. The policies have just been rewritten in a more understandable way and organised to make it easier for its users to read on how their Facebook information is actually being used. This policy is still just a draft and it’s official policy is still available for view (although, I’m not sure if you will want to).

Here is how the old Privacy Policy page looks like:

old privacy policy

old privacy policy

and this is how the new one looks like:

new privacy policy

new privacy policy

Tell us what you think about it. Will this make you actually read the privacy policy on Facebook?


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