iPad 2 to be release on March 2

iPadThe event that we have all been waiting for is now OFFICIAL. Apple has called for a press conference on the 2nd of March for the release of its second version of the ever popular iPad tablet – the iPad 2.

This event which has been rumored by many tech pundits out there was confirmed when Apple issued an invitation to members of the press.

There has been so many rumors surrounding the production of the iPad 2. The most common (and also the most likely) was the front and back facing camera.

The second most common rumor is that the iPad 2 would be slimmer and lighter. It is also said to have a better resolution that the first iPad.

The iPad 2 is also rumored to have a better sound system. It has been said that it would have a wide-range speaker for better speaker capabilities. This can be agreed considering the fact that the iPad is used to watch movies amongst a group of people instead of just an individual.

I have also been hearing a lot of the iPad 2 having a USB port. This would be useful to connect the iPad with other devices like computers and printers.

And we have all heard about the iPad 2 having a Dual Core CPU. This should give the iPad 2 far better multitasking capabilities compared to its previous devices.

So that was a list of rumors that I’ve been hearing regarding the iPad 2, now I shall give you a list of features I have expecting from Apple to include in the iPad 2.

  • A screen that smudges less. It would be great if this happens considering the heavy usage of the iPad by someone. You don’t want to keep cleaning the screen.
  • More variations of the Ipad 2. Maybe it’s time for Apple to come out of its traditional white surface and create a few colours of the iPad 2. Honestly, I don’t want to be using the same device as everyone else.
  • A faster International Release. Living in one of those contries that usually gets product many months later, I hope Apple has learnt from what happened when it first release the iPad and be ready for a huge demand in America and outside of America.

That’s my list, now I would like to here yours. What do you want from the iPad 2?? Tell us via our comment page below, we would love to hear from our readers.


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