The world came to a standstill yesterday as shocking news on the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan left many people devastated. Japan was hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake which was followed by a 10 metre high tsunami wave (the worst to hit Japan in more than 100 years) and the social media world was left abuzz.

Victims have reached out to the world via Twitter and Facebook as well as Mixi – which is Japan’s very own social networking site since cellphone services are not as reliable as they used to be thanks to the damage left by the earthquake and tsunami. The rest of the world are getting all the news and updates on Twitter, Facebook and live blogs.

After shocks are still hitting Japan and Tsunami has traveled as far as Indonesia, Philipines and Hawaii. Fortunately, the waves have not left a huge damage to these countries. Tsunami warnings were released to at least 30 countries yesterday when the Tsunami first hit Japan. Oil refineries in Japan were on fire and nuclear power plants are emmiting radiation and have been shut down.

Here is a compilation of Social Media sites and live blogs where you can get news and updates on the Japan earthquake and tsunami:

Twitter: #prayforjapan, #Japan#Tsunami, #JPQuake, #JapanQuake, Save Japan, Text REDCROSS

Facebook: Japan EarthquakeSolidarity with the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan 2011

YouTube: Japan Tsunami

Google: Google Crisis Respond, Japan Person Finder

CNN: CNN Live Blog

BBC: BBC Live Blog

Al Jazeera: Al Jazeera Live Blog

My condolences to the victims of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. May everyone be safe and hopefully everything gets back to normal.


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