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Review: Imo Instant Messenger

If you always had a problem with having many Instant Messaging accounts opened at the same time or if you dislike the interface of certain instant messaging applications and how troubling it is to download them, we’ve found an application just for you.

Imo IM logoImo IM (or Imo Instant Messenger) is a web application that allows users to link all their IM accounts to one, and chat using several accounts in one tab. Currently, Imo IM supports IM accounts on Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AIM/ICQ, Jabber and MySpace. Imo IM doesn’t require its users to sign up or download any application, all you have to do is authenticate your IM accounts, and Imo IM instantly links it up together. So, the nest time you sign in one account, it would be link with all your other accounts.

Services supported

The interface for Imo IM is simple yet nice. It looks like a desktop on its own with chat windows floating around the page. Users can also change the view to the tab view which makes the chat windows appear as tabs just like we see in our web browser window. Users have complete control on how the windows would be placed, and the size of the windows thus giving priorities to who you want to chat more. Chat windows from different IM’s are differentiated by the logo of the IM at the top of the chat window.

Imo IM interface

There are also many features offered by Imo IM, and being a third-party application it doesn’t deprive users of the normal IM features they get at their original IM providers. Among them are voice messages, Video and Audio chats as well as group chats and your chat history being saved for later references. Besides that, Imo IM also gives users privacy by allowing them to block other users, allowing yourself to appear invisible to other users and also the ability to change the preferences on Imo IM so they don’t store all your information.

Imo IM app is also available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

I have been using Imo IM for quite some time now and I’ve been loving every bit of it. The interface is simple but it is organized and allows users easy navigation through their features. It also doesn’t require any downloading or sign up which saves all the hassle and they don’t have any information about you. This also means no spam mail we usually get from the applications we use. I hope to see more upgrades from the guys at Imo IM that shall be allowing more features into this already well-to-do application.

We would like to hear from our readers about your opinion on Imo IM and if you don’t use it, we will like to know if you would give it a try. We truly recommend it.


Blogger Dynamic Views

A great new tool has come to, the much used (and of course, free) blogging tool. Viewers are now able to view Blogger blogs in five different ways: Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide.

This viewing method which was announced last week only works on public blogs and shows off Blogger’s usage of AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3. Using this, viewers can avoid the pain of waiting for a page to load when you click the “next page” button as there is infinite scrolling. There is also more interactivity with the blog’s content and viewers get to view a blog in their preferable way.  The video below was released by Blogger as an introduction to Dynamic Views:


Currently, there a two ways to use this Dyamic Views tools.

The first way to to add “/view” to the end of any blogger url. For example: “” This will automatically direct users to the Dynamic Views page thus, allowing them to view the blog in five different ways.

Dynamic Views

The second way is by installing the Blogger Dynamic View Chrome Extension. Obviously, this only works if you are using Google Chrome. With this extension, the Blogger icon will appear at the end of the address bar if you come across a Blogger blog and Dynamic Views is available. This will also let you choose the way you want to view the blog instead of going to the viewing page and choosing it from there.

Dynamic Views Chrome Extension

This is indeed a great move by Blogger. Tell us what you think of it? And will you actually make use of this viewing types or do you prefer to use to conventional way of viewing a blog?

Have you checked out Gmail Motion???

Google keeps its identity of being a fun company and continued it’s tradition of April Fool jokes with their latest joke, Gmail Motion.

Gmail users (and also Twitter users) we’re pranked to believe in the release of a new Google product which offers more productivity and an increase in physical activity. But instead, they got pranked to this page:

Well, Google says it doesn’t exist for now, so maybe we will be seeing it as a product soon? Tell us what you think about it. Did you get fooled too?

And before I forget, Happy April Fools Day!!