10 Great Apps from the Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store was introduced by Google a couple of moths ago to give way to more web applications and acts as a Google Chrome version of the Apple App Store and Android Market. And now with the introduction of the Chromebook, the Chrome Web Store plays a more important role for Google. Nevertheless, it’s amazing what applications you can find here. They practically have an application for everything.

We have chosen our top ten pick for the best applications from the Chrome Web Store.

10. Read Later Fast

Read Later Fast

Read Later Fast acts as a bookmark page. The interface is simple. This apps adds an extra option when you right-click on a website as it shows the option ‘Read Later Fast’. The page is then bookmarked and can be viewed from the app. This is also a great way to move out of traditional bookmarking and save pages for a read for another day.

9. Jolicloud


Jolicloud acts as an app desktop for Chrome users. You can keep track of all your web applications from one page and also find new applications to explore.

8.  Theme Creator

Ever wanted to create those awesome Chrome themes you find. This app makes it all possible, not to mention easy.

7.  Coolandar

Coolander claims to be a mixture of ‘Cool’ and ‘Calender’. It’s a break from tradiotional calenders where all the users havve to do is fill in the task or event and the time, and Coolander will send reminders just as you need them.

6.  1Calendar

This is a calender application allowing its users to keep track of all their activities and events. Events are easily differentiated by their colours. Users can also sync their Facebook events and birthdays to this calender with ease.

5.  SpringPad

SpringPad is an awesome notebook app with great features. It allows users to keep personal info, bookmark webpages, keep track of events and share them with their peers. SpringPad also has a Chrome Extension which allows users to Spring a page without leaving the tab.

4. Angry Birds Chrome

This game needs no introduction. A simple yet addictive game created by Rovio, that took the world by storm, is now having its own Chrome version with additional Chrome levels. And it’s even nicer playing it on Chrome thanks to the bigger screen.

3.  Aviary Image Editor

Aviary has a good range of applications but their Image Editor stands out really well as a replacement for those desktop applications. It has most of the features needed and serves as a good replacement especially for those who are used to Adobe Photoshop.

2.  CashBase

CashBase is financial tracking application that allows users to keep track of thier finances without having any financial knowledge. It’s a simple app that lets you list you incomes and expences as well as view you monthly spending.

1. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is one of the best task manager around today. The interface is simple where users just have to list the task and its due date – and users can just write in “next Friday” instead of typing the date – and Remember The Milk will be there giving reminders just as you need it. A truly reliable app.


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