Joining Team BlackBerry

Well, I did owe my BlackBerry an article.

As much as I like Android and attack iPhones, I somehow rather got a BlackbBerry as my smartphone. It was a BlackBerry Bold 9780, a rather nice and common BlackBerry which of course has more features than Curve. It was also my choice over Torch, for which I had no liking to have a phone using both touch and type.

So as I have joined Team BlackBerry, this post is dedicated to my new Blackberry and how it’s like to be using one.

First Impression
BlackBerry has always impressed me with its slick design and much simple UI. The Home screen features very useful controls at my finger tips – Connections at the top with all the indicators, Notifications and the apps at the bottom. I really liked how it all went and honestly, it didn’t take me long to get used to it.

It is also rather easy to get tutorials for using a BlackBerry. If not for those already preinstalled in the phone, there are many sites offering great tips for the first timers. Getting started is also rather easy with the setup page being rather straight forward as I would call it.

Internet on the go
With internet on the go, life is definitely good. I synced in my Gmail as well as my social media applications – Twitter, Facebook and IM. It is all rather easy to use and the notifications come in fast so you are constantly updated. Browsing the internet is also rather easy. The BlackBerry default browser does allow tabbed browsing so you can open multiple tabs while browsing. Of course, the screen is rather small compared to the iPhone and most Android smartphones but still, the sites loads fast and good enough for normal browsing. However, BlackBerrys does not support Flash, which seems to be a problem when loading certain sites.

OS support
Unfortunately, BlackBeryy does not support Linux operating systems, or in other words their desktop manager doesn’t run on my Ubuntu 11.04. This is indeed a problem. I am still appalled on how could RIM ignore an operating system while building their smartphones. Yes, I am much aware of the low number of users using a Linux OS but still, why give Windows and Mac the monopoly here.

I tried downloading LinBerry which is an application – still under heavy development – that acts as a BlackBerry desktop manager for Linux. However, after downloading it I realized that the application is in Spanish and there is no language options. After Google translating some words, I had to give up on it because I couldn’t be translating every single word I see.

And apparently, the Desktop Manager doesn’t seem to work even by using WINE – because WINE only helps for the rather basic Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office.

Battery Life
Smartphone battery life is a joke. But I think we are all used to it now. BlackBerrys battery life doesn’t last you very long. And for it being a business phone that is heavily used while travelling, this really isn’t very acceptable. The apps are always running when you’re not using it, which now I have to constantly remind myself to exit this apps properly to save my battery life.

Charging it is however easy to do. All BlackBerrys come with a customizable charger that allows you to change it according to the type of plug you are using. That is indeed very well thought of by the guys at RIM. Another thing that I like is the ability to charge it using the USB cable. This also allows me to have my phone beside me when I’m on my laptop as it charges using the USB. No need to find a power socket anymore.

BlackBerry App World
Compared to the Apple App Store and the Android Market, the BlackBerry App World is not that amazing. Most of the apps that you get for the iOS and Android aren’t available for BlackBerry. However, there are still plenty of good apps that we can choose from and maybe it needs us to be slightly more adventurous in trying out something new.

What I didn’t fancy about App World was how unorganized it was. First of all, going to the App World from your BlackBerry device is very confusing, which made me go to it using my computer. The apps are categorized by the type of applications and the price, but not by what device you are using. This indeed creates a confusion and is a waste of time. Most of the nicer apps (and the ones I wanted) were available for the PlayBook. RIM should have created another choice to sort it out based on what device you are using.

BlackBerry Messenger
How can you have a post about BlackBerrys and not talk about BBM, right? Well on a personal opinion, I think BBM is one useful app created by RIM. Have free texts to all BlackBerrys out there does make it useful and economical to most BlackBerry users out there. Of course, BBM shall be facing competition from Apple when iMessage is out but still with the simplicity of the app and how secured the data is, I think BBM will still stand out.

BlackBerrys aren’t as customizable as their Android friends which runs on an open-source platform. The most you can do is organised all your apps in folders (which you can name and choose colours as you like), choose the amount of rows to display in the tray, background image and all the rather usual stuff.

Comparing it to the iPhone and Androids
I’m one of those people who would not succumb to buying an Apple product. Nothing personal, but I just don’t think it’s worth paying so much for an item that is the same with its competitors. Moreover, Apple is a company which goes “This is how it’s done, you can’t change it” and that is something I personally don’t agree to as I don’t think a manufacturer should decide the hardware and software you use. Androids on the other hand are my much preferred choice (as I mentioned at the start of this article) for everything the iPhone doesn’t let you do.

However, BlackBerrys do stand out against these two. I really love the way it keeps me updated with my emails and social media sites. The simple UI makes it really easy to use and the fact that it has an actual keypad makes me more efficient as touchscreen keypads results you to pressing the wrong keys. The only minus point against the iOS and Android is, and has always been, the lack of Apps. Perhaps it’s time RIM start encouraging developers to develop for BlackBerrys too instead of just focusing on the iOS and Android. Nevertheless, BlackBerry does have some great apps and games that can be used by its users, although most of the nicer ones require you to fork out some money.

Obviously, there are its pros and cons, but I am enjoying my ride on Team BlackBerry :)


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