Oneiric Ocelot (Ubuntu 11.10) Beta 1 Released

The next Ubuntu, Ubuntu 11.10 or more know as Oneiric Ocelot has finally got its Beta release. This version features a host of changes, mostly to the Unity dash when compared to Natty Narwhal (Ubuntu 11.04). The dash know features a better interface with more filter options. It also adds in a Music Lens in addition to the Files Lens and Applications Lens. Among other changes are the new look of the Ubuntu Software Center, Alt-Tab previews and a nicer login screen.

On a personal note, I actually like the changes to Unity, especially the dash as it was the one part of Unity I didn’t like on Natty Narwhal. And yes, it is much prettier and would be something to bring new users in (although not really liked by most Linux users). And even though it lacks customization abilities as compared to Gnome, Unity still has my vote. Although more keyboard shortcuts on Unity would really help, the fact that I have to keep moving my mouse to do stuff annoys me.

Tell us what you think about this release and to download Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 1, click here.



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