6 Accessories for the Geek

Here’s a random compilation of accessories / gadgets for the Geek community. Some of them are personal favourites, others just caught my attention.

1. Rubik’s Cube Mug

$12.99 [approx. RM41.33]

Rubik’s cube are amazing things, the complexity of the logic and the easiness to solve (well, if you know how to solve it). It certainly represents the geek in many of us. And what a better way than to show it off while having a drink.

2. Nintendo Wall Graphics

Nintendo Wall Graphics$49.99 – $69.99 [approx. RM159 – RM222.70]

Who doesn’t love Mario?? And trust me the next best thing is to have it on the walls around you house. It may be a little bit pricey but hey, it’s Mario :)

3. Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack

Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack

$40.00 [approx RM127.26]

There’s something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call?? GHOSTBUSTERS! What a better way to share our inner geek than going back to our childhood. This is seriously something worth buying.

4. Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

$39.99 [approx. RM127.20]

This is for all the people that are on the go – and keep forgetting to charge their gadgets. This wrist chargers your device as you use it and works for iPhone, Nokia, Mini USB, LG, Samsung i900, Sony Ericsson, PSP, NDS Lite and Nintendo DSi.

5. Pizza Pi Cutter

Pizza Pi Cutter

$17.99 [approx. RM57.20]

We all used Pi in school while bombarding our maths teachers with questions like “Why would we need this in life?” Well, at least now you can cut pizzas with it.

6. Smart String Tape Measure

Smart String Tape Measure$11.99 [approx. RM38.15]

Ever tried using a tape measure to measure an object and then struggle reading the measurement? Not any more. With the Smart String Tape Measure, the length is calculated for you and displayed on the string. You can also store three measurements and use them in calculator mode.


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2 responses to “6 Accessories for the Geek”

  1. kahlua recipe says :

    Hey, Thanks for posting this. You have made some really interesting point in this article. I like it and I’ll keep coming back. Bye!

  2. Rizza@ geeky gadgets says :

    It’s so nice & very essential for me ! I wanna get it.

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