Steve Jobs, an icon that will truly be missed

The world has been totally moved today after hearing the unfortunate news that Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind Apple Inc, and the creator of devices that has revolutionized the way we use technology, had passed away.

As shocking as this can be, it comes a day after Apple announced the release of the iPhone 4S – which came to much criticism and led people to calling it a disappointment. 15 months and all Apple did was change the camera and added Siri. But that really isn’t the case right now, is it? The iPhone 4S was the product Steve wanted to release but unfortunately he stepped down as the CEO of Apple months before the release due to his deteriorating health condition.

The loss of Steve Jobs is a great loss indeed. He shaped the tech world we have today. I may not be a fan of Apple, and I may be one of those people telling you how much Android is better than the iOS, how I won’t purchase an iPhone and how I would rather use Ubuntu on a fat notebook than purchase a MacbookPro. But let me make things clear here. We probably wouldn’t have Google improving Android so much, HTC and Samsung racing to create better looking phones or PC manufacturers creating thinner computers if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs. He was the man who believed in innovation. He didn’t just go by the flow, he shaped the way we use technology now and probably for the years to come to. Or as the CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo puts it:

Personally, I have always wanted to meet Steve Jobs. Though I wasn’t going to splash my cash on an Apple product, I have always (and will always) his ability to think differently. The ability to create new products and ideas, the ability to turn those ideas into actions and the perfectionism that brought the best out of all Apple’s products. With my life long dream being about making it to the software/tech industry, I had always wanted to have the honour to compete with Steve Jobs. And since now that would never happen, I just want to be able to change lives the way he did if I ever make it to the industry.

Now the eyes are on Apple, Tim Cook and his team. The world is watching and waiting to see how they can cope without Steve. Hopefully it doesn’t just end with the iPhone 4S that disappointed many. Hopefully, they keep innovating and doing what they do best. And I also wonder how Apple’s competitors would be treating this situation. Are they going to move forward and take the lead in innovation, or are they going to just lay back and let someone else innovate stuff (and late copy of the idea – just like how many companies are doing it). For years, Steve has been revolutionizing the tech world with new innovations and ideas, pushing technology forward without leaving any room for those who look behind, and we just have to thank him for that. May his soul rest in peace.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life” – Steve Jobs


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