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Are we doing enough to stop piracy?

Just a couple of days ago, my university hosted an event to curb piracy aiming to educate students on the consequences of piracy. Students witnessed a discussion on Protecting Intellectual Property by four notable people from the enforcement and industry (Apologies for not taking down their names). Students were also allowed to engage in this discussion by asking questions which were later answered by the panel. I live tweeted part of the event on my tweethandle with the hashtag #stoppiracy, and shall leave my opinions on it for the rest of this blog post.

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Speed Dial 2 Makes the Chrome New Tab Page Much Better

One of the changes in Google Chrome 15 was the New Tab page. Everyone got a tab style menu (that reminded many of an Android) that allowed us to organized our bookmarks and chrome apps into many different tabs. It was a great, functional too – but everything has it’s flaw. Chrome’s revamped New Tab page has a crappy design, that just makes stuff look bad. And it doesn’t work well the the themes. It happened to be my biggest problem with the whole feature. I loved the functionality but I’m sorry, I judge a book by it’s cover.

Then I came across Speed Dial 2. Speed Dial 2 is a Google Chrome Extension that allows users to not only get a more appealing New Tab page, but also gives them the opportunity to customize it to their preferences. Once installed, users can easily import bookmarks as dials as they prefer, get the screenshot and get started!

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Happy SixEleven Day

Did you check the date today? It’s the 6th of November which also reads as 6/11.¬†Yes! Today is SixEleven day!

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How Gnome 3 won me over

There has been much heated debate over which is the best desktop interface for Ubuntu, Gnome or Unity. This post is not going to add on this debate, or state which is more superior than the other, but merely a personal opinion on my switch to Gnome 3.

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