Happy SixEleven Day

Did you check the date today? It’s the 6th of November which also reads as 6/11. Yes! Today is SixEleven day!

I think I shall explain the reason for the name SixEleven and why I celebrate SixEleven Day. The date 6th November (6/11) is my birth date (and yes, today is my birthday). With this fact, the number 611 is my favourite number and my obsession with this three digit is infinite. To commemorate SixEleven Day, I shall recap some of the previous posts that I have posted on this site.

I love Ubuntu
Ubuntu 11.10 is finally here!
6 GNOME Shell Tweaks
How GNOME 3 won me over

Moving to Natty Narwhal, The Series
Moving to Natty Narwhal: The Switch
Moving to Natty Narwhal: What’s New
Moving to Natty Narwhal: More is Expected

My Google Obsession
Google Introduces the Chromebook
Gmail rolls out a new look
Gmail Revamped
Blogger Dynamic Views
A Tour of Blogger Draft

Chrome App Reviews
10 Great Apps from the Chrome Web Store
Chrome App Review: Divvr
Review: IMO Instant Messenger
Purple Jane Chrome App Gives You A More Personalized Shopping Experience
Foodily – A Search Engine just for Food

Social Media Platforms as it Grows
When Tumblr is Down
Explore Tumblr – a new way to search Tumblogs
Twitter suspends UberTwitter
Facebook Makes Privacy Policy Readable
Facebook adds HTTPS support
The Facebook Timeline ain’t that bad after all

Apple: Hate them or Love them
Steve Jobs, an icon that will truly be missed
Great Quotes by Steve Jobs
Introducing the iOS5
Apple Launches the iPad 2
Apple App Store to reach 10 Billion Downloads

Angry Birds Addict?
Playable Angry Birds Cake
The Angry Birds Phenomenon

Those were a bunch of notable posts I have written on this site. Happy SixEleven Day and have a great day ahead. Till then, I shall go enjoy my birthday.


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