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My Geek Journey: Snakes & Ladders game

As I tend to explore more into the world of programming, I made a point to myself that classroom learning and lab sessions ain’t enough to get me to the top. Knowledge is important and so is applying the knowledge. My learning journey is now going to be filled with loads of side projects.

I just coded my first app (Yes I would call this an app, or  a web app, whichever is suitable) It’s just a random Snakes & Ladders game – a classic game which we can never forget.

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Install Extensions Easily With The GNOME Extension Site

About a week ago GNOME launched the public alpha version of its extension site that allows users of GNOME Shell 3.2 to easily install GNOME Shell extensions without having to use additional repositories or PPAs and also without having to constantly open up the GNOME-tweak-tool.

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Like & Follower – Malaysia’s New Social Media Advertising Space [REVIEW]

I recently got to know of a site that is trying to gather all Malaysian businesses that use the social media to advertise their brand. Like & Follower acts as an advertising platform for the social media created by a few guys with real interest with developing/social media, and I also noticed that one of them is an ex-Hartamasian (a shoutout to the ex-Hartamasian!)

Like & Follower displays this ads as small icons in blocks, categorized by several categories namely Fashion & Living, Beauty & Health, Food & Beverages, Photography, Self-Promotion, Services, Automotive, Wedding & Events. I’m pretty sure more categories would be added soon once the volume of advertisers increase. The site is rather organized with a simple yet attractive design. The simplicity actually attracts people to have a good look at this icons. When you hover an icon, you can view it’s details, including links to their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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What to do if Ubuntu doesn’t boot up?

Yesterday I encountered a huge problem with my Ubuntu 11.10 – It didn’t want to boot up. Ever since I’ve used Ubuntu, I’ve never actually encountered booting problems, or can I say I have never encountered a major problem like this.

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