What to do if Ubuntu doesn’t boot up?

Yesterday I encountered a huge problem with my Ubuntu 11.10 – It didn’t want to boot up. Ever since I’ve used Ubuntu, I’ve never actually encountered booting problems, or can I say I have never encountered a major problem like this.

When I boot up my computer and choose Ubuntu, I end up at a black screen with words (like the one shown above); One problem that seemed to be the real problem was this statement

Stopping automatic crash report generation     [fail]

So after several emo hours and breakdowns I managed to solve this problem and let me share with you in case you ever face this issue.

  1.  When you boot up and end up at that screen, press Ctrl+Alt+F2 and you will be asked to login. Login with your Ubuntu username and password.
  2. After signing in, type in sudo gdm. Since this is a sudo command you would have to retype your password.
  3. After this, you would be redirected to your login screen and soon to your desktop. This is the part where you cheer up :)
  4. Well, it’s not over yet. The main issue here was with Apport – which is a crash reporting system – so you have to configure Apport. Open up the terminal and login to your root account, then type in sudo nano /etc/default/apport and change  Enabled=1 (It is originally ‘0’) . Save the file and everything should be okay.

This would solve the issue and you would be able to use your Ubuntu again with all your data still safe. Hope it helps.


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8 responses to “What to do if Ubuntu doesn’t boot up?”

  1. Taisha Burell says :

    I truly enjoy looking at on this site, it has got wonderful blog posts.

  2. Justin says :

    I have exactly this problem.. When I type sudo gdm I get this:
    sudo: gdm: command not found

    please help!

  3. Antonorsi says :

    I have the same problem, when I type sudo gdm I get this:
    sudo: gdm: command not found

    • shivanarrthine says :

      try “sudo lightdm” instead (without quotation marks). since ubuntu 11.10 is using lightdm. hope it works :)

    • Jauhien says :

      Ubuntu 11.10: The same problem had appeared, after sudo apt-get install gdm, it has been downloaded automatically, configured just typing “OK” in conf window, and worked fine. Hope it helps next time!

  4. zelo says :

    please help me i also encounter this problem ilike in the picture but all [ok] then it stop from booting the text is still there likr in the picture i can’t press any key ,i already press ‘”ctrl+alt+f2″ but nothing happen please help me!!!!

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