Install Extensions Easily With The GNOME Extension Site

About a week ago GNOME launched the public alpha version of its extension site that allows users of GNOME Shell 3.2 to easily install GNOME Shell extensions without having to use additional repositories or PPAs and also without having to constantly open up the GNOME-tweak-tool.

At the moment, this site only works on Firefox but it should be finding its way to other browsers soon as the number of extensions keeps growing. Not to forget, there was a huge increase in the number of extensions after just one week of the launch.

It’s really easy to browse through the list of extensions, that currently covers up to five pages at the time of writing. Sometimes you even feel as if the list is endless. Users would just have to click on the extensions if they want more details and just install it by switching the icon at the top left corner to “ON”. Yes, it’s that simple! Changes to the shell is viewed straight away and without requiring users to restart GNOME Shell.

It is also really easy to keep track of installed extensions, deactivate and activate it depending on the preferences of the users at that time. The ‘Installed Extensions’ page is also equipped with the ON/OFF switch – making it much easier to keep track of extensions and uninstall them.

Not only does this site make it easier to install GNOME Shell extensions, it also makes sure these extensions are secure and wouldn’t cause any harm to the users’ computers. All extensions that are submitted to this site are reviewed for security problems and bad coding.

This is also puts GNOME Shell much ahead of Unity as Unity doesn’t allow as much customization to the interface as GNOME Shell does. And it’s also good to see GNOME encouraging users to have their interface the way they want it with this site. As this site moves on, we will surely be seeing more extensions and better tweaking capabilities on GNOME Shell.


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