My Geek Journey: Snakes & Ladders game

As I tend to explore more into the world of programming, I made a point to myself that classroom learning and lab sessions ain’t enough to get me to the top. Knowledge is important and so is applying the knowledge. My learning journey is now going to be filled with loads of side projects.

I just coded my first app (Yes I would call this an app, or  a web app, whichever is suitable) It’s just a random Snakes & Ladders game – a classic game which we can never forget.

The game is simple. You click on the dice to roll them, then your chip will be moved accordingly. The only trick here is the snakes and ladders. The game is played against the computer and is not a two-player game.

It is coded using JavaScript – and I’m considering this the first time I am actually working with JS from scratch. And yes, everything is coded from scratch, including the logic behind the game. I didn’t use anyone’s codes here because that ain’t learning.

What I’ve learned:

1. How to make good use of JS including how to connect my JS well with my HTML codes.

2. how to make full use of JS functions and also how to alter my HTML and CSS codes using JS.

3. How to use external JS scripts in Blogger.

4. How creating is one thing, and uploading is another. There was more interaction and perfection on the version I have on my computer but a few things had to be taken off because Blogger wasn’t accepting this codes.

Hopefully this would be the start to creating more useful stuff, and exploring more programming languages. I promise better applications :)

Don’t forget to check it out and tell me what you think!


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7 responses to “My Geek Journey: Snakes & Ladders game”

  1. Joshivity says :

    Thanks a heap for this post, glad to see there are still some excellent writers around the web!

  2. Rachel says :

    Hey thanks for this article, quite an interesting read. Are you going write a follow-up for it? I’ll be sure to check it out if it happens.!

  3. Ladders says :

    Well made. I only just found out today that it was called Chutes & Ladders in the US. I have never heard of that before.

  4. Marcelino Burket says :

    Keep working ,impressive job!

  5. bujjivishali says :

    can i get a source code of tis game…

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