GNOME 3.4 Released

The latest version of the GNOME Desktop Environment – GNOME 3.4 – has been released and this was just announced by the GNOME Release Team just six months after releasing the previous version GNOME 3.2. In this version there has been a few new features, some applications with a major overhaul and a whole lot of small bug fixes.

Epiphany is now Web

[Image From: GNOME Blogs]

One of the major application changes is the GNOME web browser, also known as Web (previously known as Epiphany). It now owns a beautiful user interface with much more features. It has an improved location bar with a history backend. It is also a lot faster with less distractions in terms of the interface. It also has a pretty cool load progress indicator as shown above.

Application Changes

[Image From:]

Emphaty, the chat application has a better layout as well as more features such as inline linking and avatar selection. The video calling as also improved and this application now supports Facebook chat and Windows Live Messenger.

[Image From:]

Among other application changes are new interfaces for the address book app – Contacts – , the file manager – Documents – and the disk management utility – Disks . This new interfaces helps it to blend well with the current look and feel of the GNOME desktop environment. Documents now makes it easier to browse, search and organize documents. It is also now able to create a collection of documents and support for printing.

Dynamic Wallpaper

dynamic wallpaper

[Image From: OMG!Ubuntu]

One of the changes is the introduction of a dynamic wallpaper. This wallpaper will change throughout the day, with the wallpaper being brighter in the day and darker in the night. This is certainly very interesting and something new that most GNOME users would fancy.

Activities Overview

[Image From:]

The Activities Tab also has a couple of bug fixes for a more improved performance. The latest addition to it is a document search that enables users to easily search documents using the Activities Tab. This document search is provided through the Documents application, and it enables the users to search not only the documents stored in the computer but also on online accounts.

Besides that, Nautilus now includes an undo button that gives users a lifeline in any accidental mistakes made. The scrolling bar is thinner and application menus are neater and show preferences of the apps clearly. There are also small changes to Sound Juicer CD Ripper, Cheese, Image Viewer and Evolution.

How to get GNOME 3.4

It is advised to wait for official releases through distros to use GNOME 3.4. Ubuntu 12.04 (which releasing in April) would come packaged with it. For more information and comprehensive guide to the changes visit GNOME Library.


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