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5 GNOME Shell 3.4 Themes

With the introduction of GNOME Shell 3.4 in Ubuntu’s latest release – Ubuntu 12.40 LTS – many users may find that some themes (and also extensions) aren’t compatible with it. However, there are still a couple of nice GNOME Shell themes that are build for GNOME Shell 3.4. Here is 5 themes that really caught my attention:

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TeuxDeux – A Different Kind of To-do App [REVIEW]

A few days ago I stumbled across a To-do web app called TeuxDeux that I have to share with you guys. I have used multiple to-do apps ranging from Remember The Milk to Nitro, and while some may have been useful, I have never actually come across an app that puts the tasks the way I want it to be. This app is different in terms of design, simplicity and the way it works. This is a SixEleven Review.

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PIKOM PC Fair 2012

The annual PIKOM PC Fair is back! We can call this the largest computing fair in Malaysia (besides the daily fairs and low-prices we get at Low Yat Plaza) and it’s back in town. The fair takes its usual location at the KL Convention Centre, Malaysia starting today, 13th April till Sunday, 15th April 2012.

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Google+ Redesign: How much do you like it?

Google+ had a major redesign recently, with the whole site looking completely different from the former look. On first impression, the site looks pretty with a neat interface that still keeps the Google simplicity look that I personally love. Sleek design I must say but users are quick to point out the parts that resembles Facebook and also the huge amount of whitespace which is starting to get annoying. But I must say it looks way better than the former look which looked like a complete rip-off of Facebook (to the extend that I couldn’t differentiate the two social networks). In this post I shall go through the changes and my thoughts of it.

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