PIKOM PC Fair 2012

The annual PIKOM PC Fair is back! We can call this the largest computing fair in Malaysia (besides the daily fairs and low-prices we get at Low Yat Plaza) and it’s back in town. The fair takes its usual location at the KL Convention Centre, Malaysia starting today, 13th April till Sunday, 15th April 2012.

Regulars would be familiar with the layout of the fair which practically uses the whole convention centre building. The route starts off on the third floor – going through the conference halls and banquet halls before heading to the remain halls downstairs. Intel took up the first room in our route which a room displaying all kinds of computers ranging from productivity, ultrabooks, multimedia and gaming portraying the uses of the various Intel processors – i3, i5 and i7. Not to forget, the Intel PC Guru, helping those who need additional help or information regarding buying their new computers. The one that really caught my attention was the Ultrabooks section where about six to seven ultrabooks were displayed. Refer to the picture below to see the latest models in the Ultrabook range – also note at the bottom right of the picture is the new Dell XPS Ultrabook (Dell’s only Ultrabook so far); others were Samsungs, Toshibas, Acers and Asus.

Computer accessories filled up the first few halls, with brands like Armaggeddon and Logitech taking up a few booths. The promotions were good. Armaggeddon was promoting rather impressive gaming mouse and keyboards. Logitech was also on a sale, I managed to get a wireless mouse for just RM29 and I’m loving it so far.

This floor was also filled with computer brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo and Asus just to name a few. There were good promotions and discounts on most computers. Went to a couple of them and so discounts on the Asus Zenbook – a rather nice ultrabook I must say, though I would prefer one with a black-metallic finishing instead. Lenovo was on a huge sale with a basic notebook with no OS installed going at just RM899, and their other computers weren’t that expensive either.

I would also call it gamers galore going on at the PC Fair. Besides the huge amount of gaming controllers, keyboards and mouse there was also events for gamers for everyone to just game out on their favourite games.

And how can we forget the smartphone companies. There was Samsung with discounts going on for their Galaxy products – tablets and smartphones – and also HTC having a couple of offers. Got hands on with the new HTC One and I must say I love the clear resolution, huge but not-so-huge screen size, and the speed (well, it’s a quad-core smartphone). I also spotted the Blackberry booth which was offering discounts in their prices of their new Blackberrys if we trade in our old Blackberrys – and they were even accepting my less than a year old Bold 9780!

Storage devices were on sale during this PC Fair. I honestly don’t remember such low prices during last years fair. Thumbdrives and hard disk drives were available from a variety of companies such as Western Digital, Buffalo and PenDrive just to name a few. Although I did feel that there was a price fixed by all the dealers, the average cost of a 4GB thumbdrive was RM13 and the 8GB one was RM19. I remember how a couple of years ago even a 1GB thumbdrive would have cost about RM30-RM40. I myself managed to get a rather cute looking 8GB thumbdrive from PenDrive.

If you haven’t headed down to this years PIKOM PC Fair don’t forget to do so by Sunday. There are great deals that just can’t be missed and loads of activities. If are not around Kuala Lumpur this weekend, there are at couple of other cities this weekend too, and shall be heading to other cities around Malaysia over the next month. For a full schedule do check their website.



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  1. Glenn Fruehauf says :

    Keep up the good work I love reading your blog it really does cover all angles and leaves me with all the information I could possibly need to know before making a purchase.

  2. Eldridge Baldyga says :

    Just thought I would take a minute to stop and say Thanks for all the hard work you have clearly put into this blog

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