TeuxDeux – A Different Kind of To-do App [REVIEW]

A few days ago I stumbled across a To-do web app called TeuxDeux that I have to share with you guys. I have used multiple to-do apps ranging from Remember The Milk to Nitro, and while some may have been useful, I have never actually come across an app that puts the tasks the way I want it to be. This app is different in terms of design, simplicity and the way it works. This is a SixEleven Review.

List tasks by the day

TeuxDeux (pronounced: To Do) comes in a simple Red and White design and allows users to categorize their tasks by the day. You can view 5 days at one time, easily forward to next few days using the big red arrow at the side. When you hover on that arrow, you can also fast-forward by weeks or jump to a specific date. The interface is fluid where the only thing determining the size of it is the size of your monitor. There is ample of space to list stuff – which I think is even more that what you can do in a day – which means you will never run out of space.

Push tasks to Someday

The guys at TeuxDeux also included a Someday option – which is collapse-able at the bottom of the screen.  This option is perfect for the tasks that we just don’t know when to do (also perfect for procrastination). One trick that was shown at the TeuxDeux video was arranging the Someday tasks in a way that the first option of each column is your header. I think this is a very cool trick and certainly helps in keeping this list organised.

Drag and Drop Simplicity

Adding, editing and deleting tasks couldn’t get any easier. To add a task just type it out in the input box. You can then drag it around to rearrange. When you are done with the task just click on it to cross it out. Also, if you want to edit a task, just drag it back to the input box and edit it there. I find the drag and drop simplicity of TeuxDeux really amazing – and it is the feature I love the most.

Mobile Apps

Besides the web app, TeuxDeux has an iPhone app with sells at a price tag of $2.99 – which I find pretty pricey for a simple to-do app. An Android app is also said to be underway and they seem to be looking for BlackBerry developers (according to their FAQ). You can always visit their website on your mobile. It works pretty fine but the screen size can be a restriction.

Overall Thoughts

For me, TeuxDeux is pretty slick to-do app. I love how I can now list my tasks according to the days and the drag and drop and fluid design is very nice. Hoping to see more features as well – like reminders, tags or the amount of things left to do. Till then, I recommend you try out this app and hope it will be useful to you too.


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