Qreator – Generate QR codes in Ubuntu

Qreator is a QR code generator that recently landed on the Ubuntu Software Center. QR codes are being widely used these days and most of use would want to generate our own codes with ease. And that is exactly what Qreator offers.

Qreator has a very simple interface, that also makes the application easy to use. It currently generates four types of codes namely URL, Text, Geolocation, and WiFi Network.

The QR codes generate as you type and therefore you don’t have to wait for it to be created. Here’s the QR code that leads you to SixEleven:

Once the code is generated, users have the option to save it or to copy to clipboard.

Simple research on its planned features also showed a possibility of more features such as SMS QR code, Event QR code, and Personal QR code. They are also working on color editing and easy sharing.

I personally find Qreator a very useful application that is built with simplicity and a neat interface. I hope the  new features come soon, and that this application keeps growing. To download the app, search for Qreator in the Ubuntu Software Center or click here.


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