Ubuntu 12.10 Alpha 3 Released

The next Ubuntu release, Ubuntu 12.10 (or Quantal Quetzal) had its third alpha released today. The changes include the use of Linux Kernel 3.5, LibreOffice 3.6.2, Firefox 15 Beta, and GNOME 3.5.4. Other more visible changes include a new Session Menu, Additional Driver dialog, new look for Nautilus, and changes to the Software Updater.

Session Menu

Image from ILoveUbuntu.net

The Session Menu is the merge of the Me menu and System Menu. Even though this may seem to be a small change, but it is indeed space-saving (especially if you tend to get a lot of  menus on your topbar) and a much needed merge.

Additional Driver Dialog

In Software Sources, an ‘Additional Driver’ tab replaces the old ‘Third party driver’

Image from OMGUbuntu.co.uk

Nautilus’ New Look

Nautilus had a redesign, which removed most of the clutter / unnecessary features from the window. Navigation icons blend in well with the monochrome touch although most of the redesign doesn’t blend well with the default Ambiance theme yet.

Software Updater

What was known as Update Manager is now Software Updater. It also features a huge change with the software changes not displayed when prompting for an update. It now as a more minimalistic look.

Click here to download Ubuntu 12.10 Alpha 3

Beta 1 would be released on the 6th of September, with the final release of Ubuntu 12.10 expected on the 18th of October.


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