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Dell XPS Duo 12: A new innovative tablet + ultrabook

Dell has announced its latest device, the Dell XPS Duo 12 which runs Windows 8. This tablet + ultrabook device is a real innovation from Dell and sports a great flip-able screen, and is certainly a real contender in the Windows 8 tablet market.

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Take Away Malaysia – Fast Food Just Got Faster

Hungry, but don’t remember the number of your favourite fast food outlet? Don’t worry, Take Away Malaysia is here.

Take Away Malaysia is an Android that I developed to make the process of ordering fast food much easier. This app lists down the common fast food outlets in Malaysia that offer a delivery service, and when an option is clicked the specific restaurant is called.

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Slidewall – Wallpaper clocks for Ubuntu

Slidewall allows Ubuntu users to not only use live wallpaper clocks for their desktop background, but also use a live earth wallpaper and create a wallpaper slideshow.

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MyAgenda – A Simple Reminder Application for Ubuntu

One of the latest apps for Ubuntu released recently (for the Ubuntu App Showdown) is MyAgenda. MyAgenda works as a very simple calendar/reminder application. It has a rather well crafted design and a simple interface that keeps the clutter (or unnecessary buttons) away.

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Previews land in Ubuntu 12.10

In more Quantal development news, Unity in Ubuntu 12.10 would have a new feature called ‘Previews’.

Previews will give users an extra option with results in the Dash – right-click to open a preview pane. In previous versions of Unity, users only had one option with results in the Dash which is to open the file.

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While most Malaysians continue to surf the Internet and continue their daily lives glued onto social media platforms, a new law is operational and jeopardizing Malaysian Internet freedom.

Stop114A is about putting a halt to the recent amendment to the Evidence Act, Section 114(a) – which is the second of two amendments made to the Evidence Act. Section 114(a) holds one accountable of publishing seditious and defamatory content online even if it happens without their knowledge. If the content is published using your online accounts, your wifi network, on your website (as a comment), or even if you were hacked, you will be charged in court and considered guilty unless proven otherwise.

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