While most Malaysians continue to surf the Internet and continue their daily lives glued onto social media platforms, a new law is operational and jeopardizing Malaysian Internet freedom.

Stop114A is about putting a halt to the recent amendment to the Evidence Act, Section 114(a) – which is the second of two amendments made to the Evidence Act. Section 114(a) holds one accountable of publishing seditious and defamatory content online even if it happens without their knowledge. If the content is published using your online accounts, your wifi network, on your website (as a comment), or even if you were hacked, you will be charged in court and considered guilty unless proven otherwise.

Section 114(a) will burden average and innocent web users who may be wrongfully accused of publishing seditious or defamatory content online. It also makes those who run hosting services, blogging platforms, and online forums responsible of what their users post online. Worst of all, it gives hackers a helping hand and allows them to escape the law as the person liable for the seditious and defamatory content would be the owner of the device or network.

The infographic above has been created by the Centre for Independent Journalism to provide a brief description of how Section 114(a) will affect you.

How can you support #Stop114A ?

The social media is our best way of getting the message across. While most Malaysians will be refraining themselves from the Internet tomorrow (or Internet fasting as they call it), there are many (including me) that believe blacking out the Internet individually would not do much damage or get the message across. Rather the best way is to utilize the tools we have (Facebook, Twitter, et cetera) to spread the word.

If you are on Twitter, do spread the word using the hashtag #stop114A. You can also get a Twibbon supporting this cause (for both Facebook and Twitter users) here, so that your support is shown on your displaying picture. You can also get display pictures for #stop114a and cover pages here. If you are a website or a blog owner, you can add a pop-up to your site. You can get the pop-up here.

For more details, do visit stop114a.wordpress.com.

Editorial note: SixEleven would not go on an Internet Blackout tomorrow (14th August) for technical reasons and also to enable readers to properly understand what is written in this post. 


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