Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 Released

The second beta for the next release of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 12.10 or Quantal Quetzal is available for download.

Changes to Unity

Among the changes to this version is the changes to Unity. Unity now supports new animations for Dash Preview and window minimize, as well as new gradients. Besides that, the workspace switcher and removable disk icons can now be moved in the Launcher.

Social Lens

A new lens has also been introduced. The Social Lens – linked with Gwibber – displays results from Twitter, Facebook, and Identi.ca. The categories in this lens includes Messages, Replies, Private, Photos, Videos, and Links. This lens also supports Dash Previews where users can directly Like or Retweet a post.

Image from ILoveUbuntu

Photo Lens

The Photo Lens displays results from local photos, Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa. Photos can be according to its date and source, and works perfectly with the Dash Previews.

Image from OMG!Ubuntu

Amazon Ads

While this may be a feature that many users are against, this version of Ubuntu will have ads from Amazon in the Dash. This commercial content is only visible using the Home screen. The results are shown with an orange tag at the bottom of the icon displaying the price. It has however been said that the ads would be optional, and users would be given the option to choose what appears on their Dash.

Image from OMG!Ubuntu

Besides that, the Amazon and Ubuntu One Music Store webapps are locked to the Launcher by default.

Changes to Messaging Menu

The Messaging Menu had some icons change. The status icons are now displayed on the bottom right corner of the Messaging Menu icon to notify the user if there is a message.

No more LiveCDs

With the release of Ubuntu 12.10, users would no longer be able to CD-sized images as the ISO file is 800MB. Users would have to use DVDs or Live USBs instead.

Download it now, or wait for the Final Release

To download Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2, visit this website. Or else, you can wait for the Final Release which will be coming this October 18th.


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