Unity 6.8.0 lands in Ubuntu 12.10

The latest version of Unity, Unity 6.8.0 landed in Ubuntu 12.10. This version of Unity brings numerous bug fixes addressing performance issues and glitches experienced by users that were running the latest Beta version of Ubuntu 12.10.

Changes to Unity

Unity 6.8.0 has also fixed performance issues faced by those running lower-end PCs. On lower-end PCs with limited graphical power, Unity runs through LLVMPipe and in this release the performance with LLVMPipe has been sped up.

Other changes to this version of Unity includes faster window scaling when using the Spread feature, a new icon for the Gwibber lens on the Dash, sharper category emblems and music note icons, a fix on the shadows on the panel and launcher, and rendering fixes for Previews. A full list of changes is available here.

How to get Unity 6.8.0

If you’re already using Ubuntu 12.10 (Beta version) then you shall get this latest version of Unity just like any other updates through the Software Updater.


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