Installed Ubuntu 12.10? What Next?

The latest version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system has been released. Code-named Quantal Quetzal, this version features quite a number of changes from its predecessor. There has been no new features since the release of Beta 2. If you missed out on the release of Beta 2, check out the new features here.

Ubuntu 12.10 can be downloaded here, or if you want to download from the torrent file, you can get it here.

Now that you have it downloaded and installed on your computer, here are things you should do to get your Ubuntu up and running:

Update Software

If you didn’t install new updates while installing Ubuntu 12.10, be sure to install them using the Software Updater (the new name for the Update Manager). I had some issues here where it took so long to update. Figured out that it was caused by Software Updater downloading updates from Malaysian servers. Set it to US or Main Server and it works.

Install Third Party Codecs

Media codecs aren’t packed together with Ubuntu releases and they need to be installed separately due to legal reasons. There is an option to install it while installing Ubuntu, but if you didn’t you can get it here.

Sync Ubuntu One

If you don’t have an Ubuntu One account be sure to set one up. If you already do, be to sync your files. Or if you’re one of those who backup all their files there, you would want to sync back all your files.

Configure Online Accounts

Be sure to configure your online accounts for a better desktop experience. This can be done under System Settings > Online Accounts. Accounts supported at the moment are Facebook, Flickr, Google, Twitter, AIM, Windows Live, Salut,, Yahoo, and Jabber.

Disable the Shopping Lens

The ever controversial shopping lens that includes results from Amazon can be removed from your desktop. You can disable it in System Settings > Privacy, and switch off “Include online search results”. While doing that, you can also adjust you privacy settings. To completely remove the Shopping Lens from your computer, type sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping in the terminal.

Try out the awesome desktop backgrounds

The desktop backgrounds in Ubuntu 12.10 are more amazing than ever. Be sure to try all of them out and change it according to your preferences.

Download Google Chrome

It’s about choice, right? Instead of using the default Firefox, you can use Chromium or Google Chrome. I prefer Google Chrome due to the Flash support as well as built-in pdf reader. Google Chrome isn’t in the software sources and can be downloaded here. You can also install the Flash Plugin for Firefox by clicking here. However, Unity Web Apps doesn’t work in Google Chrome and to get the best out of that feature you need to use Mozilla Firefox.

Install GNOME Shell

If you are not a fan of Unity, you can always get a alternative desktop environment. GNOME Shell 3.6 can be easily install on Ubuntu through a simple command – sudo apt-get install gnome-shell – to be typed in the terminal. And when you get it installed don’t forget to get a GNOME Shell theme. You can browse through some good themes here.

Install more apps and have fun!

Spend time at the Software Center and just install your favourite applications. And don’t forget to try out all the new features – Lenses, Previews, Launcher, et cetera – and have fun with it. Also, tweak your Ubuntu to fit you even more.


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