Track your music with SoundTracking [REVIEW]

SoundTracking is a great app that is a combination of a music-detection application and a social media site. It brilliantly lets you detect songs that are playing within a click of an icon, and search results are amazingly accurate.

Detect music on SoundTracking

While there are a couple of apps that currently offer music-detection on the App Store and Google Play, SoundTracking’s social media half sets it aside from the rest. Users are able to share their music with friends on SoundTracking itself or to other social media sites like Facebook , Twitter, and Foursquare easily, together with a caption and a few added details. Users can also dedicate songs to their friends and family.

Sharing music on SoundTracking

One of the greatest strengths of SoundTracking is the ability to discover music that is trending around the world and nearby you. You also get to view the music tracked or listened by your friends. This can be a great platform for musicians to promote their music to the world. The app is also linked with Spotify and YouTube.

Discover new music

SoundTracking is a free app available for iOS and Android. There is also a web version that allows you to view the music shared but not soundtrack it. Do try it out, and if you already did, share your thoughts in the comments section!


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