Google introduces note-taking app, Keep

Today Google launched a new product, Google Keep. Google Keep lets you store notes easily, add checklist, photos, and voice notes.

The web version is accessible from and syncs well with their Android client – although the Android the client is currently only available for devices with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. Direct integration with Google Drive would be coming soon in the next couple of weeks, according to the company.

Google Keep on Android

The interface of the app is clean and well designed, keep clutter at minimal and putting the notes/content first. It inherits the Google design we see in other applications, especially on the web version where the cards look similar to the About section of the new Google+ profiles.

Google Keep Web


The synchronization is also great among devices. I added a note on my Nexus 4, and it instantly appeared on the web version. I then edited the note on the web version and saw the edit appear within seconds on my Nexus. There is no need to wait for notes to sync. It also has widgets and works well with the lock screen on Jelly Bean.


Google Keep & its competitors

For me Keep is a long overdue product from Google. It was that missing thing in Google Drive – where users wouldn’t save short notes, ideas, tasks. There were other apps for that. Now with Keep, our sudden inspirations, small and short notes, and to-do lists can be integrated with Drive. The main competitor for Keep would be Evernote. As an Evernote user, I must admit that the Evernote team has built a very powerful app that runs on various devices, and also have gathered a strong user base. Evernote is also more organized than Keep, with the ability to add tags, notebooks, and sharing capabilities.

Hey Google, can we have more?

Keep is still a very young product, and hopefully (well, I’m pretty sure they will) Google will add more features to it without jeopardizing its simplicity. I would like to see organizing features such as groups and tags, or perhaps more colors so each color is a different category of notes. Sharing capabilities with Google+ would also be an added bonus.


Have you downloaded Keep? How as it been so far? Do share your thoughts.


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