Spotify lands in Malaysia

Music streaming service Spotify has landed in Malaysia and a couple of other countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Iceland. This also marks Spotify’s entrance into Asia, bringing their total number of countries supported to 28.

Spotify offers both free and paid service. It’s premium service which allows users to make use of their mobile apps and listen to music offline is usually priced at USD9.99, but is priced at USD4.90 (RM14.90) for the Malaysian market. Prices also varied with Singapore and Hong Kong where it was priced at SGD9.90 and HK$48.00 respectively.

I tried out Spotify’s Android app and I must say it was great! The app worked flawlessly and was well developed. Music streaming worked well on both 3G and 2G connections (though on 2G it lacked a little but that was due to the fact I wasn’t in a well connected area).

Photo 2

Photo 1

It feels great to see an application supporting Malaysia as usually we get the releases late or companies prefer to launch in neighbouring countries first. Apps like Spotify are new to the Malaysian market and their arrival would also make a difference with piracy issues the Malaysian music industry is facing.


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