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Spotify lands in Malaysia

Music streaming service Spotify has landed in Malaysia and a couple of other countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Iceland. This also marks Spotify’s entrance into Asia, bringing their total number of countries supported to 28.

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Google introduces note-taking app, Keep

Today Google launched a new product, Google Keep. Google Keep lets you store notes easily, add checklist, photos, and voice notes.

The web version is accessible from and syncs well with their Android client – although the Android the client is currently only available for devices with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. Direct integration with Google Drive would be coming soon in the next couple of weeks, according to the company.

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Track your music with SoundTracking [REVIEW]

SoundTracking is a great app that is a combination of a music-detection application and a social media site. It brilliantly lets you detect songs that are playing within a click of an icon, and search results are amazingly accurate.

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Take Away Malaysia – Fast Food Just Got Faster

Hungry, but don’t remember the number of your favourite fast food outlet? Don’t worry, Take Away Malaysia is here.

Take Away Malaysia is an Android that I developed to make the process of ordering fast food much easier. This app lists down the common fast food outlets in Malaysia that offer a delivery service, and when an option is clicked the specific restaurant is called.

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Angry Pigs? That’s what we might be getting

There has been speculation that Rovio – the makers of the highly-addictive Angry Birds game – are going to be releasing a new game, this time from the pigs perspective, as reported by Pocket-Lint.

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TeuxDeux – A Different Kind of To-do App [REVIEW]

A few days ago I stumbled across a To-do web app called TeuxDeux that I have to share with you guys. I have used multiple to-do apps ranging from Remember The Milk to Nitro, and while some may have been useful, I have never actually come across an app that puts the tasks the way I want it to be. This app is different in terms of design, simplicity and the way it works. This is a SixEleven Review.

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Purple Jane Chrome App Gives You A More Personalized Shopping Experience

Purple Jane

Got hooked up by the guys at Purple Jane to try out their new Chrome App, and since I love Chrome Apps (not to mention the amount of posts mentioning it in this blog), I gave it a go.

Purple Jane is a web application that helps you pick the right clothes for you, in the perfect colours, and makes the whole shopping experience much more exciting.

Purple Jane2

Installing this app is as easy as all the others – just head over to the Chrome Web Store and look for Purple Jane. You need to use Facebook Connect however (which isn’t something I like doing) so I hope they provide more options soon. Anyways, once you’re logged in, you need to do a small test. This test basically checks on the colours that suites you best. I actually felt the test was rather nice and exciting, or maybe because the interface was rather good.

And after a series of colourful questions, they shall tell you your best colours and users would be given 3 options for finding clothes namely, Net-A-Porter, Gilt and Mr. Porter.

This sites make it rather interactive for you to find wonderful clothes and shall be perfect for any shopaholic out there. It allows you to shop by colour and certainly gives a really personalized shopping experience.

I recommend you give this app a try and seem how amazing it is for yourself. Till then, kudos to the guys at Purple Jane.