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Google introduces note-taking app, Keep

Today Google launched a new product, Google Keep. Google Keep lets you store notes easily, add checklist, photos, and voice notes.

The web version is accessible from and syncs well with their Android client – although the Android the client is currently only available for devices with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. Direct integration with Google Drive would be coming soon in the next couple of weeks, according to the company.

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Google organizes gMalaysia 2012

Over the past two days, Google organized a Google Day for the very first time in Malaysia. g|Malaysia brought together business professionals, government officers, students, lecturers, and developers together for a two-day event filled with Googliness at Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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Google+ Redesign: How much do you like it?

Google+ had a major redesign recently, with the whole site looking completely different from the former look. On first impression, the site looks pretty with a neat interface that still keeps the Google simplicity look that I personally love. Sleek design I must say but users are quick to point out the parts that resembles Facebook and also the huge amount of whitespace which is starting to get annoying. But I must say it looks way better than the former look which looked like a complete rip-off of Facebook (to the extend that I couldn’t differentiate the two social networks). In this post I shall go through the changes and my thoughts of it.

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Speed Dial 2 Makes the Chrome New Tab Page Much Better

One of the changes in Google Chrome 15 was the New Tab page. Everyone got a tab style menu (that reminded many of an Android) that allowed us to organized our bookmarks and chrome apps into many different tabs. It was a great, functional too – but everything has it’s flaw. Chrome’s revamped New Tab page has a crappy design, that just makes stuff look bad. And it doesn’t work well the the themes. It happened to be my biggest problem with the whole feature. I loved the functionality but I’m sorry, I judge a book by it’s cover.

Then I came across Speed Dial 2. Speed Dial 2 is a Google Chrome Extension that allows users to not only get a more appealing New Tab page, but also gives them the opportunity to customize it to their preferences. Once installed, users can easily import bookmarks as dials as they prefer, get the screenshot and get started!

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Gmail Revamped

I’m pretty sure many of us have switched to the Preview version of Gmail that was released shortly after Google+ hit the internet. It is also the same look that was given to Google Docs, Calender, Search et cetera.

Well, let me tell you something, the changes ain’t over yet. Google is going to be rolling out even more changes to Gmail, some that are very called on for – like changes to the conversations, more themes for the new look and improved mail search.

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Happy 13th Birthday Google!

It all started with a research paper, and next thing we knew it took over our lives. From a search engine to an email platform, maps, browser, smartphone operating system to a social network, Google has it all. And today our much loved and appreciated internet friend, Google celebrates its 13th birthday.

They publicized it by making a doodle of course! And this is the doodle to celebrate their 13th birthday.

Happy Birthday to Google and thank you for revolutionizing the web.

Gmail rolls out a new look

Google has not only introduced Google+ – which took the social media by storm with many more looking for invites – but also redesigned Gmail.

Gmail now has a more organized and less cluttered look, making it easier to use as users can get the best out of the features offered.

You can get this new look by going to the Settings page > Themes > “Preview” or “Preview(Dense)”. There’s a slight difference between the two themes which may or may not be noticed by users.

Google intends to work more on this and users can expect more to come. Tell us what you think about the new Gmail look. Do you prefer this one or the old one?