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Take Away Malaysia – Fast Food Just Got Faster

Hungry, but don’t remember the number of your favourite fast food outlet? Don’t worry, Take Away Malaysia is here.

Take Away Malaysia is an Android that I developed to make the process of ordering fast food much easier. This app lists down the common fast food outlets in Malaysia that offer a delivery service, and when an option is clicked the specific restaurant is called.

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My Geek Journey: Snakes & Ladders game

As I tend to explore more into the world of programming, I made a point to myself that classroom learning and lab sessions ain’t enough to get me to the top. Knowledge is important and so is applying the knowledge. My learning journey is now going to be filled with loads of side projects.

I just coded my first app (Yes I would call this an app, or  a web app, whichever is suitable) It’s just a random Snakes & Ladders game – a classic game which we can never forget.

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