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Installed Ubuntu 12.10? What Next?

The latest version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system has been released. Code-named Quantal Quetzal, this version features quite a number of changes from its predecessor. There has been no new features since the release of Beta 2. If you missed out on the release of Beta 2, check out the new features here.

Ubuntu 12.10 can be downloaded here, or if you want to download from the torrent file, you can get it here.

Now that you have it downloaded and installed on your computer, here are things you should do to get your Ubuntu up and running:

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Insync, a Google Drive Client for Linux hits Beta 9

An unofficial Google Drive app for Linux, Insync, has reached it’s 9th Beta version. Insync allows you to sync all your documents to your computer as Google Drive still doesn’t have an official Linux client. It also comes with Nautilus integration, and  Ubuntu AppIndicator support as well as support for multiple Google accounts.

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Unity 6.8.0 lands in Ubuntu 12.10

The latest version of Unity, Unity 6.8.0 landed in Ubuntu 12.10. This version of Unity brings numerous bug fixes addressing performance issues and glitches experienced by users that were running the latest Beta version of Ubuntu 12.10.

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Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 Released

The second beta for the next release of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 12.10 or Quantal Quetzal is available for download.

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Slidewall – Wallpaper clocks for Ubuntu

Slidewall allows Ubuntu users to not only use live wallpaper clocks for their desktop background, but also use a live earth wallpaper and create a wallpaper slideshow.

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MyAgenda – A Simple Reminder Application for Ubuntu

One of the latest apps for Ubuntu released recently (for the Ubuntu App Showdown) is MyAgenda. MyAgenda works as a very simple calendar/reminder application. It has a rather well crafted design and a simple interface that keeps the clutter (or unnecessary buttons) away.

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Previews land in Ubuntu 12.10

In more Quantal development news, Unity in Ubuntu 12.10 would have a new feature called ‘Previews’.

Previews will give users an extra option with results in the Dash – right-click to open a preview pane. In previous versions of Unity, users only had one option with results in the Dash which is to open the file.

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